Ceram Polymerik

Ceram Polymerik Pty Ltd has innovative new technology in polymer composites for passive fire protection. In a fire, these composites transform into a ceramic structure once the activation temperature is reached. The technology is very effective in a wide range of plastics and rubbers. Composites can be made flexible or rigid to meet the particular requirements of a fire protection component or material.

This technology evolved from several years of Research & Development by the Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers. As a world first, the technology has been successfully commercialised by Olex Australia (www.olex.com.au) as insulation for their Pyrolex® Ceramifiable® high performance fire cable. The cable is flexible under normal conditions but forms a protective ceramic barrier when exposed to heat and fire. Even after 2 hours at 1000° C, the cable can continue to conduct electricity because of the protection provided by the ceramic cover. Further information on these cables can be obtained from Olex.

The technology is covered by a number of patent applications in progress internationally.

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